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There are places the address of which is well known across the world. The Hotel de France is obviously one of these places. It is located near the “Circuit des 24 heures du Mans”. It is indeed remarkably well situated near a touristic road, only a few miles away from the race track. Many pilots and mechanics chose the Hotel de France as an attractive stopping place. It is a mythical address that has become the symbol of car touring.

Years ago, the racing cars were not kept out of sight, they were simply parked in front of the hotel. People could stare at them when they moved away to get either on to the track or the road. The delights of motoring are willingly shared whenever the cars stop on a village square. Car lovers swarm readily around the cars for a chat with the pilots.


Car Touring is a concept that counts for GARAGE HOTEL. It is highly enjoyable to share the joys and emotions of touring. A few outstanding cars have been selected together with amazing itineraries.

Attractive stopping places are widely valued where the pleasures of touring mingle with those of meeting people crazy about cars.

Iconic cars

Nothing common places in our garage, few cars are parked but they are all outstanding, renowned, exceptional creations evoking a prestigious past. The most recent ones symbolize the spirit of gran tourism.

The car manufacturers have been practising their art for years. None of the cars they have constructed are standard. They have been produced by people who use modern technology together with ancient crafts and modern techniques enable simplicity and efficiency.

Original cars are left to auction sales and kept for museums. Our cars have been conceived to travel along roads and tracks. Still they can ensure security and pleasure in driving them. All of them keep a high market value being both exceptional and particularly beautiful. If ever the lucky owner of one of them should be willing to get rid of it.

We have decided in favour of the archetypal roadster: only two seats better for intimacy, a powerful engine and a manual gearbox for sportiness, good vibrations in each bend attractive qualities both in sound and sight.

The approval of our vehicles is studied on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the regulation of each country. The official registration is the responsibility of the buyer.

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A wonderful journey

Come out of the hotel totally inspired at the idea of touring after reading the road book and discussing the various inviting stopping places. Push the garage diving door and admire the lovely figures all lined up perfectly. Take a deep breath, smell all the lovely scents of rubber, petrol and oil.

Push your luggage in the boot, at least sit down, put your hands on the steering wheel, close your eyes, switch the ignition on, wait and listen. The pleasure of touring is on.

First gear, your attention is focused on the screeching sound of the tyres on the road surface. You have the road book in mind, here is the road, enjoy the beauty of the landscapes that pass by before your eyes and next make the most of the stopping places. What an amazing road touring.

Either over a week-end or on a touring journey or even on an amateur competition, it is up to you to decide which you prefer. Together with our trading partners and travel agencies, we can offer you the most attractive road book and a wide range of hotels and restaurants all along your route in accordance with the season. You will have the possibility of choosing whatever might be needed: touristic guides, going round, photographers, pilots… Think of it.

According to your preference, leave on your own or in the company of someone nice, or organize a road trip with a few friends. Whatever you may choose we will always be able to organize the outing that will appeal to you. We can sell legendary cars with a road book waiting for you in your glove locker. You will experience the thrill of driving a wonderful car amid stupendous panoramas. From beginning to end, every single meet of yours will be fulfilled.

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Our trading partner Bed and Historic Motors is an advocate of road touring and saloon cars. You will be offered either a single road book or a perfect travel warrant for a fabulous tour of the most fantastic roads amid wonderful landscapes. You will enjoy marvellous sites and enriching encounters.

It will be a dreamlike pleasure to drive according to what pleases you most. It is up to you to choose one of the cars that we have in store for you. The route will be organized in respect of your request. A wonderful journey must be amazing and perfect in every detail. Most of all, it must offer the pleasure of sheer escapism.

Bed and Historic Motors will elaborate the most interesting road book you have ever imagined. It is up to you to peruse it. The routes suggested cover the whole Europe. There are also road trips throughout France connected with all the entertainments linked with tourism: touristic roads, mythical roads, sport tracks, rallies and even elegance competitions.

The Bed and Historic Motors has been created by a collector and a traveller who was advised by the wisest road experts.

Garages partners

The garage mechanic will be able to keep your car in a very good state of repair, he will look after it. To obtain the best service we have selected the most authentic lovers of mechanics. They will be concerned about the care that is needed over these beautiful cars. Wherever you live or wherever you are travelling you will find a garage mechanic because they are evenly spread over the country. They are keen on mechanics and will be able to carry out any king of tuning or adjustment to your car. They are our shift teams and on this account they are provided an access to any catalogue of pieces and accessories from our car manufacturers. Our garage mechanics can develop improvements over your car in respect of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Your car is unique, so you will be offered the opportunity of giving a personal touch to it in our garages. You are welcome to it as a friend. Come and try the particular atmosphere in the workshop. Thanks to our mechanics you will be able to enjoy thoroughly your travel. Wherever you are, they will be one garage ready to help. Our network is rather dense along the French roads.


No show room. If you wish to choose a car, you will be able to try it in real conditions on selected roads. An experienced pilot will be with you. All our pilots have a precise acknowledgment of the engine and of the way of piloting the car. We regularly give presentations of sites selected for their road and track. We also have agreements with car clubs and we offer the possibility of trying our models in the scope of organized outings.

Our cars are artistic objects from the car manufacturing. So we are connected with a lot events in which the presence of our cars contributes for creating an artistic entertainment. We cover also lots of cultural events and race cars competitions. Our cars are exceptional creations, their display must be exceptional.


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