RT4 is the standard model of the COBRA as for the appearance is concerned. RT4B looks more sporty and offers a variety of options among which a GT body. The TD (track day) is manufactured according to strict specifications and is kept for track.

Backdraft Racing RT3

Main specifications

The body is a high quality, one-piece GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) molding, with extra reinforcing at the wheel arches. Each body is assembled on a rotating jig which allows access to all parts of the mold. After the molds are polished and prepared with a release agent a polyester gel coat is applied. Before the fiberglass is applied to the mold, strategic areas of the body are hand reinforced with fiber mat. Certain areas of the body are also reinforced with steel inserts to complete the preparation for the fiberglass.

The ladder-type chassis is fabricated in a jig from SAE 1008 2′ x 4′ hot rolled rectangular steel tubing, with a 1/8” wall thickness, which provides a sturdy chassis, both in beam strength and in torsion rigidity. The chassis is reinforced with laser cut steel gusset plates in several areas for added strength in high stress areas.

The chassis has been designed to accept a race proven independent rear suspension with coil over struts in the front. The differential is fully rubber mounted to the chassis in a cradle, eliminating mechanical differential noise and providing a smooth drive. The chassis has been designed to accept a variety of different engine options including a full range of small block, big block and modern day engines.

The front suspension used on the BDR roadster features a cast lower wishbone with a McPherson style coil over strut. The strut has been custom fabricated to suit the needs of the Backdraft Roadster. We also use an adjustable stabilizer bar which assists with the overall fine tuning of the car’s handling. The car comes standard with a rack and pinion type steering system with 4 turns lock to lock as the standard ratio. The steering column is made from high quality stainless steel tubing connecting to a CNC machined billet aluminum steering boss.

Backdraft Racing RT4 Chassis

A customable car

You can create your own by choosing from the many options and colors available:

Hardtop, Decorative paint, Passenger mirror, Chrome bumpers, 3M Paint protective film, Custom color Interior, Fire extinguisher, Gear box, Moto-Lita or Sparco steering wheel, Heating system, Heated seats , Air conditioning , 18 “Wheels and tires, Chrome or polished wheels…

Backdraft Racing RT 3 Black
Backdraft Racing RT 3 White
Backdraft Racing RT 3 Blue
Backdraft Racing RT 3 Black Red
Backdraft Racing RT 3 Grey
Backdraft Racing RT 3 Blue Yellow
Backdraft Racing RT 3 Grey Red

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